The power of proximity...

The power of proximity

Proximity, an essential element of optimal property management ! The field of property management does not elude a tendency toward globalization that permeates our economy : some institutional owners entrust their entire portfolio of real estate assets spread out over several cantons to a single agency, distant from the properties it manages; other owners with national coverage prefer to manage their portfolios internally…

However, one cannot ignore the various risks and weaknesses linked to this lack of proximity : insufficient presence in the buildings, lack of mastery over their technical installations, no control over prices or lack of knowledge with respect to the quality and availability of local workmanship… A local real estate agency knows its region, its economic and demographic prospects, and above all, its residents !

It quickly and efficiently solves problems that could affect tenants, craftsmen or suppliers, thanks to negotiations undertaken immediately and on the spot, which is often not possible for an agency located… one , two, even three hours away from the managed building ! Because we are convinced that proximity is essential to the proper management and maintenance of a building and its technical installations, and that only thanks to it can one extract maximum value from a building and therefore avoid vacancies, AGENCE IMMOBILIERE RIBORDY SA has chosen to identify itself by means of a personalized plaque on each building it is proud to manage in the “Place Centrale”, just a few steps away from its offices !

Maybe some tourists on sightseeing will become aware of the advantages derived from a concept of real estate mindful of management rules and of regional specificities ! And in order that all actors in the real estate environment might benefit : owners, tenants, craftsmen and…buildings !


Number of buildings managed, yearly volume of transactions…

A lot of people talk about quantity, we prefer quality.

Our family business has been operating since 45 years,
we believe in discretion, efficiency and results.

Relocation, one of our disciplines (reine)...


If there is an activity which requires dynamic allegiance to an extremely important network of relations, it’s well the one, which consists in finding a tenant for a house, apartment, or an office.

Motivated by our excellent results and stimulated by our enthusiasm and the compliments of our customers, we have decided to develop our services (savoir-faire) in the matter.

Our privileged relations in the environment of the international and diplomatic organizations, as well as the world of trading are a considerable asset in the field of rental properties of a certain standing. We would like to add our commitment without limit and our urge to "win" not hesitating to adopt in certain cases our innovative and original strategies of marketing. We master English, French, German, and Spanish.

This service of rentals distinguishes itself by the fact that our commission depends exclusively on our results. Our fees are owed only in cases of success on our part and only when we found the suitable tenant.

Once the tenant is found, you remain completely free to entrust us or not in the managing of your property, knowing that we would be more than happy to defend your interests by successful management on our part.

Have just acquired or been left a property? Do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage (free of charge), of our invaluable advice in optimization of investments (appropriate type of renovations, strategies of marketing, rentals...)